POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

Yes as the title states. SOMETHINGS Wrong somewhere, In this follow on from the video and article  HERE .............. You should be aware how exactly the systems operate from the Satellite Picking up Earths central Magnetic North and monitoring the electric fields from Space Solar winds and high energy interactions, this is what as you know creates the famous Northern Lights and sky effects seen in the Northern Hemisphere and filmed so often. Well then we had the latest Magnetic Pole position which was pushed all over the Media, everyone takes this as gospel but many points sent alarm bells and still do with this new position which i shall try as best as possible to show and see why it is very puzzling and tells one of two options?  One is that the Magnetic Pole position they released is wrong and somebody is playing games or the Solar Monitors are wrong and somehow they have keeping it showing wrong.

Pole Media version Here is the stated Media pushed new Magnetic North pole position, note how it shows so close to the Geographic North Pole, this again is of interest if we go with the the Satellite models version is the wrong one, then Earth actually is probably in its best original ever shape, as North Poles of both Magnetic and Geographic are pretty much exactly in alignment. Also if again we are to believe this then what it tells us is that even if the shift moves onwards towards Russia as it appears to be heading, then it will not make much odds to earth for the enxt 120 years !!  I mean earth was much the same back in 1900 and so in 2120 it as far as a pole shift goes should stay still upright and in normal position. So thats something to consider.

Have a look below and note, The Space Earth Monitor actually shows the South Pole in the exact position, and strangely the South Pole does not appear to have moved hardly a tad, well most definately as much as the reported runaway North Magnetic Pole.

Magnetic NORTH POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME  Magnetic SOUTH POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

see as above The NORTH Movement whilst the SOUTH hardly changed?  strange Surely we would expect both to run similar?  Maybe not the case but after doing more checking and investigating is it not strange how the Solar Live Monitors data is tracking SOUTH Magnetic Pole exact, and is NOT showing the stated new media pushed Magnetic North. THIS is what niggles away when things do not equate it sparks concern.  WHICH is Correct?  The Media version or what the Instruments show? LOOK below and see how The South is correct on Monitors, and the North is showing Position as it most likely is.

POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

The BIG Question is which is right?  Or is Something else on Earth giving the Reading of the North? Something like CERN HAARP or the suchlike. it is certainly something which we will be looking deeper in to adding it to many ongoing STRANGE Findings we have backlogged up at the moment.  Strange TIMES !!

IF I was to say which i believe, i would go on the Satellite Monitor as if you look and take the coloured bands as an example of Solar Electricity interactions, it certainly seems more balanced than IF the Pole was at its new stated North Positions, but thats my own take. as usual YOU decide..

The North - South Magnetic Poles have always been shown strange, i mean let us be honest how weird is the theory of the twisted N_S centre line seemed to you?

Earths North South Pole strange alignment  Earths North South Poles

POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME