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The NEW World Order secret plan to unite the masses by a Fake Invasion

This is a good little film which was produced giving mixed messages. In one side of the coin it tells of how the World can be united and safer should it be as a ONE World Government led Earth. MANY times the plan to have this as the final false flag to FULLY complete the Earth Enslavement Plan has been mentioned by insider leaks and rumours.  A Short well made film which also tells of how we could be easily duped.

As Qouted by a insider to the film the real object of this film was as below. But NOBODY knows for sure.

"The special forces team are on their way to intercept the pilot of a downed alien fighter. When they reach the crash site, they notice that the pilot looks Asian, but is wearing the Stars and Stripes on his uniform making him an American pilot. The special forces leader realises that everyone is being misled by the American leadership in an effort to bring the world together under one government. A New World Order. There is no alien invasion."


The NEW World Order secret plan to unite the masses by a Fake Invasion

The NEW World Order secret plan to unite the masses by a Fake Invasion

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