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Roberto Italy Released New Timeline Predictions Planet X Second Sun

This is something VIP People may find interesting and can look and divulge, the accuracy or opinion on this is very mixed, however we put it out there as it is what Roberto is stating on this fresh updated Timeline. The Italian Roberto as many know we followed deeply until 2017, he runs a fine line between Genius and Whacky, and so YOU make your own minds up.  One thing of note as we do keep updated to what Roberto thinks and decodes, is the last odd capture we spotted on the Sun Monitors could actually give some creedence to his works and timeline. So for this reason we show as below, both what we spotted combined with his trajectory predictions and how they collaborate.

FOR OUR Roberto Split and Why it happened if you do not know then CHECK THIS ARTICLE.............

We worked the incoming Trajectory of the system way back in 2016 from our reported captures and doing the calculations, and this we showed in 2017 CLICK HERE ..........  and sketch below.

Roberto Italy Released New Timeline Predictions Planet X Second Sun

Above is our calculated from 2017 showing how we considered based on known Captures and signs they Nibiru Planet X Second Sun System and its objects seem to be coming inwards to the Sun..

PAY SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE 2 Dates above. 6 Months from Sighting Left arc to Right. THEN Note FURTHER BELOW - 29th DECEMBER 2018 ( 1 year ) another useful clue..

This is still how we feel it is incoming and so we show Roberto´s data and Information, so to allow you as a VIP Patreon to have as much exclusive Information as is available, this then allows you to also follow and look for signs signals and such, keeping you way ahead of the Rest as to what could be likely, and also allow YOU to read into the data and information and make your own calculated decisions.

As below the recent Capture on the Long range Monitors which we showed, did spark our interest as below we now show you why. You will see it was a very strange swoosh across the Monitor, normally they are streaks across this one does a tight turn.  Very Strange but very indictive to what could be expected if the System is Spiralling as we considered back in 2017.

 Roberto Italy Released New Timeline Predictions Planet X Second Sun

COINCIDENCE?  Maybe..  12 months from when the Mystery Planet had been captured at the similar Position, also caught in a rare sunrise snap, by our own Team member with quality Camera system.  If you take the actual Monitoring Position of the Captures , If YOU was looking from earth then the Picture of the Bright Point at the left of the SUN, would be what was expected should the system still be on route to the Sun..

NOW Let us use some of Roberto´s  sensible works and add to the mix.. as below Roberto did some calculations on this system, which we had confirmed by our own research and he has his estimates similar, and so let us now give you the absolute EXCLUSIVE insider knowledge of how and what Roberto has divulged to his Italian friends..  We show you but again STRESS this is Roberto opinions and estimates. YOU Make your own minds up..

Roberto Italy Released New Timeline Predictions Planet X Second Sun

Note even He has it down to the similar Position as at December 2018, His spiral i think is wrong as he slipped up when he got podded and thought a Plane was a Planet system !! However luckily his mistake is known, and this part still remains fairly good estimate.

Roberto Italy Released New Timeline Predictions Planet X Second Sun

Also interesting Roberto had recorded the Earthquake at the 29th December date as this came around near earth again.

Roberto latest Crop decode Timeline

A Quick breakdown of above, this was a crop circle he decoded reworked and shows the key elements which he works from for timeline.. As you can see Roberto is saying 2019 is now when things will start . So we all need to watch and see if he is right or wrong .. ALL this as earth itself is getting hammered from the NWO plans, its not a boring time thats for sure !!

Roberto latest Crop decode Timeline

Roberto Large Meteorite Strike Location

ABOVE;  The Location as foretold to Roberto, where a MAJOR Meteor is said to HIT Earth causing severe Floods and disruptions as it would. This as per his timetable is down as being May 2019..  WILL He BE RIGHT?  who knows we all have to watch and see ..


 Roberto Latest Timeline

This was the Timetable he did on 28th December 2018 so is fresh as it can be , its in Italian but i am sure as we can it is easy undserstood..  REMEMBER  He has based this on a Plane mistaken for a Planet so i know his calcs are wrong ..  However as stated i watch and follow all what is going on around and feel Roberto deserves a close watch.. 

Roberto Italy Released New Timeline Predictions Planet X Second Sun


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