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THE Classic ART BELL Area 51 Disclosure WHO Calls Shots on Earth

This Classic ART BELL Area 51 Phone Caller Disclosure, is one of them ALL Must listen to taken from our Full Length 2 part Main Film we produced back in 2014 which got Youtube Striked 2 times, and this led to having to split and run parts 1 and 2 on our own server. The Film is a long one but apart from the Famous "Thomas Castello" The Dulce USA papers on the Underground Alien Experimentations which is very interesting, Two Parts which have always struck a chord with me i have cut and reload in this small video, the reason is ANY Serious Researcher should know about this, and see if the much later scripted version of them saying it was a hoax call blah blah, just does not cut it or fool me !  The Reason is when you listen to the man this sounds so much like a man in fear, and a man who knows he is being tracked, NOT a man having a wind up.  ADD to this the fact the Station shuts down literally cutting him off, an event which as the Station admit "HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE EVER" makes the Fake story seriously in question.  also another point which always kind of hit a factual nerve with me since 2008, The WHO Calls Shots on Earth, when you look and see the supposed idiots who are shown to the world it has always been known to me that they are just simply Puppets following instructions.  NO LEADER who is Genuine would do what they do each and all have for year after year SOLD there Countries down the river.  So this clip taken from a Ventura Show, which Ventura i do not trust by the way, But this segment i feel was always hitting a close Truth.  So sit back and have a watch , If you want the whole FULL Length Film its HERE in the 2 Parts... Should you have never seen it is one of them long but must see Documentary film thingies..


THE Classic ART BELL Area 51 Disclosure WHO Calls Shots on Earth

THE Classic ART BELL Area 51 Disclosure WHO Calls Shots on Earth


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