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  • 2nd SUN - Nibiru, Planet X, Arrival Earths Final TILT Simulation GOD´s PAYBACK TIME

    The Final DAYs Of The 2nd SUN - Nibiru, Planet X, Arrival Earths Final TILT Simulation GOD´s PAYBACK TIME .

    This Is a simple Basic Simulation of the Final Months weeks and Days Leading To the 2nd Sun Crash.
    Its made as best as possible with limited Video Making ability.. But Should demonstrate What  and How the Second Sun Nibiru will Pull on Earth and The Resulting Ending to Earth.

    Is this accurate ONLY Time will Tell . But .
    The angles Tilt are all as stated in Decoded Crop Circles.. and Many Holy Messages . As Previous Video This First shown Crop Circle Confirmed 2nd Sun Direction & Subsequent Tilt Start Position



    IMPORTANT Update

    Update TIME @ December 2017 Roberto was wrong .  Or this system passed without incident?  We since November do NOT report on Roberto findings calculations, our agreement expired and ONLY report on what we find and discover..  We had for a year been held on a agreement which gave Roberto the freedom to give HIS findings and calculations UN Altered and without question, although we had clashed many a times on capture positions and timelines, Roberto had the free and final say.  But since December 2017 This is NO Longer the case, we still have Roberto data and such, but we filter and keep any such dates strictly inhouse. As advised our formal agreement expired November 2017.. Any old prior to 2018 information, will still be viewable for reference purposes, but as you will know by now, we no longer hold and need to report any Roberto informations..


    YES - The ONLY REAL Bible NOT tampered with. CLEARLY Again Coincides with Crop Circle Calculations. The True dates NOT the bullshit taught worldwide.

    2nd SUN - Nibiru, Planet X, Arrival Earths Final TILT Simulation GOD´s PAYBACK TIME

    We have the orbit path the FULL package check our Videos and the websites. Look at latest earthquakes. as we told. THE Show and final end times are Here , and commenced .

    LOOK at the signs and warnings . watch for the NEXT Videos as its now all hands at stations. Things are moving quick now, get on board do not be filled with the hogwash, given by all the many rubbish lens flare camera shot video´s on youtube, most have NOT a clue apart from old, rehashed garbage from years ago ..

    After watching the video simulation, 


    Governments are PUSHING all Buttons to Create Mayhem been Spending like it does NOT Matter ? With MUCH Simply not explained where it went ? 
    THEY Have been Hoarding Gold ,Seeds, Military ,Building Materials ,etc,
    They have been Hiding TRUE earthquake data ? Removing Sun Monitors, changing data ? Giving you the False Hope Trump or Clinton Show ? Deliberately Letting Immigration Create Civil war ?
    AND Wonder no more why Military is sent to Picture each new crop circle indeed ,  "Always 1st at every new crop circle"!!
    THEY Will be in the bunkers very shortly. ALL you will see is videos, made from underground, Pretending with  Green Screens giving the illusion of being in Public etc,

    2nd SUN - Nibiru, Planet X, Arrival Earths Final TILT Simulation GOD´s PAYBACK TIME


    Well Its a Giant Faraday cage which protects the military vehicles etc. as well as the select leaders who sold out  to save their own bacons.
    "ALL Electrics will Fry on Surface earth"
    As You saw earth will suffer a solar storm so immense 75% will burn to ashes.. This Will last a few months then they need to rebuild it all.

    Assuming they will get AS THEY WANTED  a New World Order !

    YES a lot to take in , we know ! Took us a few Minutes . For new subscribers website viewers go back to our stuff, watch all our last few months videos, we have been WARNING !!
    YOU was not on board , But nope you sat and watched the  waffle bullshit channels..

    Well NOW get up to speed. and watch for the next video in construction . We shall take you in a Full Movie , from conception to ending "The REAL Nibiru State of Play "
    Hopefully in easy to follow form, as i agree the maths  and implications look way to heavy, at present.

    ALL THE CLUES WERE Here On Earth all the time .. Government Got most the clues BUT "Roberto" GOT ALL !!! as His Angels showed him & guided him . It is TRUE ..

    Not a believer in God ? Well you may want to Reconsider . as time is short !!  He IS Returning its what we call

    "PAYBACK TIME" and the GOOD news - The Elites will Die in them Tunnels, and hideouts . Us Good Folks will be taken to the new world .

    NAH Rubbish You say.

    You Can Not Get all that from a Bible and a few crop circles Sun Calculations a Spreadsheet and a Pencil ? Well Yes You Can if Your A GENIUS !! & Roberto is without doubt The Genius ..


    Roberto WANTS To Clarify his Calculated Earths Final Position as Video Fails to Show Fully......


    DO NOT BE FOOLED. It was NOT a few crop circles, watch ! and its over 8 years How Many ? see just a few on the video, all decoded, and many tell and interact with each other.

    To SAY

    " Satan and you Perverted Evil followers LOOK Whats coming I AM Coming Back You Sicko Evil Scum, YOU was warned  !!!! ."

  • JESUS Great WARNING Phase 3 The LAST Message

    JESUS Great WARNING Phase 3 The LAST Message "JESUS Spoke in Crop Circles The decodes show what messages God and Jesus are Telling"

    Decoded by Roberto the Master of Maths,Bible,Crop decodes, Produced in video by us for Roberto and on behalf of Jesus to inform & advise those Christians who need to know, a great watch filled with FACTS and some awakening findings that should NOT be Ignored.



    Here is a few interesting Points which we spotted, you may also find there very interesting, just a few bits which gives This so much credibility .

    JESUS Great WARNING Phase 3 The LAST Message

    NOTE Above- 2 crop circles 2 different fields, when interlaced create Jesus Face, Now is that a little interesting or what ?  Did you think a few guys with torches at night could do this level of works ?  NOT in a million years .

    Look at the Genuine Painting of Jesus made when he allowed himself to be visible For the Painting below, and also note the time dates of the Circles, YET AGAIN giving hidden clues and Warning of his return,  8 months from Crop Circle creation, with his face to the July 2017 month.

    Just a coincidence ?  I think not, there is way to many coincidences to be coincidences, this stuff is getting Real and soon you will all need to wake up and realize, we are just mere mortals in the Giant scope of Things.

    JESUS Great WARNING Phase 3 The LAST Message


    JESUS Great WARNING Phase 3 The LAST Message


  • The Greatest Conspiracy EVER and we all got suckered a WTF Time Jesus Story invented by Romans

    The Greatest Conspiracy EVER and we all got suckered a WTF Time Jesus Story invented by Romans

    This is one of them mind blowing earth shattering Films which puts serious doubt on Jesus and all his trickery and more. This could well open the way to have solved the biggest mystery of all time as many of us have always wondered to who wrote the bible and told the Jesus story. Before you sit back and enjoy and get shocked by the content, i want you to note how often as in most Conspiracies the same old Israel Jerusalem connections feature strongly yet again, and this does make you wonder why they have such ambition to take over the world and destroy Italy Greece and Europe, could it be a little payback maybe? Is it just a coincidence that Greece and Italy have been bankcrupted by immigration and such?

    Also i want you to ponder the following points, which i have always pondered on, maybe you can see the strangeness of it all..

    1.  If God exists and all forgiving as he states? And he loves us all.  Why if we slip from following his 10 rules do we get sent to the depths of hell and get burned and tortured for entirety?  seems a tad strong and NOT very forgiving or loving?

    2.If God Jesus and Co can create earth and space make seas turn upside down, see everything, make all clever creatures and such, then why does he need money all the time ?

    This may be too strong content for the Religous ones who live and breathe Praying day and night and have this strange turn the other cheek syndrome. But as you watch and listen to people the whole Jesus thing is such an absolute winner Plan as they all say do not worry sure we are being enslaved, but God is going to come and save us.  With this God stuck in their minds it makes them so easily manipulated exactly as how the whole plan was designed. as far as plans go this one MUST be absolute genius. The people do not respond and fight back as Jesus told them to turn the other cheek etc.  They sit there waitting and waitting and waitting as he is coming back soon.  Anyways grab your snacks and watch the Film and get educated, and make your own mind up..

    The Greatest Conspiracy EVER and we all got suckered a WTF Time Jesus Story invented by Romans

    The Greatest Conspiracy EVER and we all got suckered a WTF Time Jesus Story invented by Romans

    The Greatest Conspiracy EVER and we all got suckered a WTF Time Jesus Story invented by Romans

    The Greatest Conspiracy EVER and we all got suckered a WTF Time Jesus Story invented by Romans


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