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  • Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch and Learn all about Fracking for Shale Gas

    Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch and Learn all about Fracking for Shale Gas

    Fracking exposed the reality and destruction to the earth due to Hydraulic Fracturing of the earth to get to the trapped Gas in the earth. This video shows what they fail to mention when they start with the breaking up of the earth , the reality is all explained in this short video.


    Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch and Learn all about Fracking for Shale Gas 


    Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch and Learn all about Fracking for Shale Gas


    Fracking explained in 3d animation the effects on the earth and its close towns and residents. A MUST Watch film showing why the UK and EUROPE MUST NOT ALLOW this deliberate earth destruction !!  please like and get your friends and family to see this NWO crazy world destruction and help stop this suicidal earth destruction ..



    Watch and then Connect DOTS at the end . Nuclear waste dumping holes needed?  shale drilling being pushed, when they know its not needed or any good for ANYONE, But the BIG Corporations. yea your seeing the dots at long last, or you will AFTER Watching . This is the film the UK & Australian Governments do NOT want you to see! Documenting the accounts of families living with the Unconventional hydrocarbon (Fracking) industry as a neighbour, this hour long documentary is shocking, as it reveals the day to day pollution these people live with – pollution of water, air, light and sound, some of the the basic human requirements needed to survive. The blind eye that the authorities and the Unconventional hydrocarbon (fracking) industry turn to these families living conditions, and the complete disregard to the environmental damage done to the bush by this, is truly disgraceful.

    I have not seen another film like it, telling us, warning us how really dreadful life is living amongst the fracked gas wells of Southern Queensland. I have a huge respect for the families in Australia that held onto their land and shared their stories with us. It was especially moving when Brian Monk speaks directly to the audience near the end of the video, very powerful indeed - we would be very wise to listen and act accordingly.

    This film should be distributed and shown as widely as possibleso we can learn and act. Full credit to Ian R Crane and his colleagues for turning around this moving, informative, high quality film in less than four months since his return from Australia. Thank you Ian and the families from Australia for the absolutely invaluable insight this film gives.

    We need to take heed of the “Voices from the Gasfields” (the original Video Title)  so these honourable families have not stayed loyal to their lands in vain.

    Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire Uk and ALL the UK NEED TO Watch and heed the advance Warnings & experiences before falling for the small handouts and Safe Shale Fracking gas UK Sales Speel !!  THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF...





    UK Kirby Misperton Shale gas Important News





  • FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    In England UK , Kirby Misperton and many other regions , The first serious production and Shale Fracking could be under way, once this gets the green light its another nail in the UK Coffin, with loss of clean air and open country fields being gone for ever.  This is a MUST WATCH Fracking Information Film, and all UK citizens must stop and be warned as to the dangers which is kept from them, the official media controlled by the money men, is that Shale Gas Fracking is safe and all is good and safe as houses , great for the economy and a boom will be coming the peoples way.  Well as you will see NOTHING is farther from the truth, it is riddled with so much and so many risks, you need to see through the charade and realize, its a planned move as most things to make things worse, for the common people.

    The Most important question is as explained in the video.  Ask what is in this for you or the general Public?

    Property Prices in the regions will plummet, if they can be sold at all, once the Sites gather momentum. Health risks will be a ongoing worry, Traffic HGV trucks will be trundling down Country lanes and through the small villages none stop, Millions of Gallons of good drinking water will be destroyed. and much more.  and NOT a SINGLE Benefit to the locals or the General Population. ALL That will happen is the Oil Gas Companies will make HUGE profits yes sure the UK Tax office will get a slice, but we all know that will be squandered or given away and the People left to just live with the loss of life quality. The long term plan is to finish Farming and have everyone living in settlements large towns with cages or flats as luxury survival dwellings. Those awake see the signs and the way its all planned Fracking is just yet again a great SCREW The future Screw the people win win for the top few. Who you can guarantee will NOT be living anywhere next to one of these Fracking Shale Sites !!.

    Prime example is the "Barclays Bank"-"Third Energy" Fracking Site at Kirby Misperton Yorkshire UK .  Just a quick look at the location the set up and position shows it must of been back handed through planning or the officials have been to lazy to do the research and understand exactly what Fracking is all about? see in the video and a few stills below.

    Fracking does NOT Belong in any European Country unless it has a vast open region of some 20 miles unused grounds, even then who knows how underground rivers flow and disturbed gases soak up fine cracks in the earths crust etc,,  ITs A GAMBLE.. A Gamble NOT To any benefit to the Population. so why let them do it? and why are they doing it?  Simple, MONEY For those at the top of the Tree, and involved and helping.

    FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    Gas leakage water Rivers FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED


    Burning River as Fracking Site nearby has disrupted the deep earth and created many open hairline cracks allowing Rivers and water to be contaminated & Gas Methane and chemicals to be released.

    Fracking risking Kids futures for NO Benefit


    Striking Photo showing the future is the worry , and when you think that he could be actually standing on top of the horizontal drill length and NOBODY would know, is even more scarey to think on.

    Kirby Misperton FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    The UNKNOWN IS at what length and what direction the Horizontal Drilling is made? who knows and who would know? apart from the Company doing the drilling, and they are NOT going to shout to much are they?

    Horizontal lengths are from 1km to 10km and many drills can be made from one small looking drill platform, ALL The public would ever see is the small top site, and NEVER Have a clue the reality of lengths and directions..


    Fracking water risks UK rivers ponds lakes

    Kirby Misperton Yorkshire UK

    FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

  • WHAT THE FRACK Fracking dangers NOT Told about

    "WHAT THE FRACK" Fracking dangers NOT Talked about but the obvious is and needs to be told ..

    A True WTF moment, In this video a few interesting points on the Fracking Operations are shown and discussed, The very first thing noticed which is of interest to the many small villages and towns who are told that the operations are silent, is the noise of the system in use. Following after that is the clear link to both earthquake increases and fracking operations, and how vulnerable the pipe down deep earth can be.  Thanks To original youtuber Lee for bringing much wanted actual Fracking pumps in operation.


    Fracking dangers NOT Talked about but the obvious is and needs to be told



    Fracking dangers NOT Talked about



    Fracking dangers NOT Talked about but the obvious is and needs to be told


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